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College Planning

Curriculum Panning for Grade 9-11 students


  • Determining student’s interest to do first level of scoping on career and majors. Continued process throughout High School
  • School curriculum planning, including guidance on AP, Hons.
  • Mapping school curriculum to College Major
  • Test Planning: PSAT, SAT/ACT, SAT subject tests, etc.
  • Leadership development activities
  • Volunteer activities
  • Summer planning: educational, extracurricular and volunteering activities.
  • On-going updates and feedback

College Admissions for High School Seniors


  • Exploratory meetings with student and parents to understand their concerns and objectives for college counseling. These will help determine what kind of schools to aim for and what to do once you have narrowed your choices.
  • Choose best colleges and make a target list (Reach, Match and Safety).
  • Prepare a timeline for managing the college admission process.
  • Tips for essay writing and thorough editing of essays.
  • Review and editing of college applications (UC, private colleges, common app, etc.).
  • Interactive session to explain college brand, college major and cost trade-offs.
  • Financial aid seminar/advice for parents.
  • Guidance on taking the right courses, AP classes, extracurricular activities, and internships for a successful college career.
  • Regular checkups to reduce stress in managing the complete process.
Packages Type Colleges Scope
Gold UC
6 Ivy/Private
1:1 Meetings: 8
Essay: 3 edits / Reviews
Application: 2 edits & Reviews
Silver UC
3 Ivy/Private
1:1 Meetings: 6
Essay: 3 edits / Reviews
Application: 2 edits & Reviews
Bronze UC
1:1 Meetings: 3
Essay: 3 edits / Reviews
Application: 1 edits & Reviews
Ala Carte
  • Career selection
  • Major selection
  • Colleges list building
  • Essay Topic brainstorm, edit and review
  • Additional college applications beyond a package scope
  • Timeline Preparation
  • College decision finalization