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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit to using Brilliant Minds College Prep over other services?

While Brilliant Minds College Prep offers an advanced curriculum, we also tailor our teaching to your child’s needs. This is especially important for the level of competition there is to get into the top colleges in the country. We believe in building a strong foundation for students in Math, Science, and English to ensure that they excel through high school and beyond. We hire dedicated professionals who excel at teaching concepts to ensure their student’s success both now and in the future.

What is the fee?

The fee for Brilliant Minds College Prep is determined based on which program you select (College Counseling/Curriculum Planning), how many classes the student decides to take, their grade level, and their subjects (SAT/ACT). Please contact us for more detailed information on fees.

What are the class timings and are they flexible?

The class timings can be found under the Schedule tab on our website. The timings listed are tentative and can be adjusted to fit your needs. Again, please contact for further information. For an accurate schedule, please contact Praveen at 510-579-8948 or Sanjay at 510-676-2102.

How many classes do students take per week?

The number of classes is based on your student’s time and needs. We can talk to you to discuss what will best fit your needs. For most courses, classes are twice a week. Each session is normally for two to three hours.

What is the best way to get started with Brilliant Minds?

You can contact us via email at bmacollegeprep@gmail.com or call at 510-676-2102/510-579-8948. First appointment for 30 minutes is free.

Do you help students with low GPA or SAT score?

Yes. There is always a right school and major available for everyone. We work with families to find colleges of the right fit.

Can you take over the application process for our student as we do not have the experience with US college system?

The application process has to be owned primarily by the student. However, one of the key aspects of application process is to manage all tasks involved in a timely manner. We build a plan with key milestones and meet on a regular basis to monitor progress.

We want our student to go to a small college instead of a large UC or CSU campus? Can you help?

Based on family preferences, we help pick colleges based on their size, majors, rural/urban preference, proximity to home, merit scholarships, etc.

We are not sure about which major to choose?

An overview of various major choices is provided as part the process. Based on student’s strength in different subject areas and their career choices, we have a collaborative process to make the right choice.

Is there a remote consultation option available?

Yes. We do provide consultation via skype. Weekend and evening appointments are available to accommodate busy schedule.

College applications are due in fall of every year. When should we contact you?

Although we take candidates throughout the year, we recommend starting sometimes between January-May time frame to guide students for summer activities and essay writing exercises. There is no additional cost for this service if you buy one of our packages.

What is 80/20 program for college admission application?

80/20 program takes care of 80% of college application during July and August. Remaining 20% of the application is done in Oct-Nov time frame. 80% covers following: career selection, major selection, colleges’ list preparation, essays writing for UC and common application, development of personal statements and completion of various other supporting sections. 20% will lead to any final edits, additions and verification prior to submission.